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Modernesse is here to provide resources to help you reach your professional goals. Whether that is to find a new job, transition onto a new career path, or grow in your current role.

Most professional advice is outdated. We provide a modern, growth-oriented approach with a specific focus on personal development.

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Professional development starts with self-improvement.

Modernesse provides resources to make sure you never stop learning. Learn how to develop your soft skills, confidence, presentation, productivity and leadership skills.

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About Marie



My name is Marie.

I am a business professional and leader in the healthcare industry. I’ve had opportunities to lead teams in both Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative start-ups. I have spent the last decade navigating the pitfalls of the professional world. 

My strength are my soft skills: leadership, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, presentation, self motivation, self reflection. I’ve honed these skills and have found great success with them professionally and personally.

I created Modernesse to share essential information that helped me grow professionally. I am here to help you develop your career, experience personal growth, and learn the basics of managing your newfound wealth.