7 Best Work Bags for Women 

 July 6, 2020

By  Marie

The Best Work Bags for Women on Any Budget with Any Commute

A great work bag is essential. 

The first most important quality of a great work bag is delivering the functionality you need.

Second, you should make sure that your work bag presents appropriately for the professional occasion you bring it to.

These are my top recommendations for work bags for women at every budget, for every commuter type, and every professional occasion.

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1. Everlane Day Market Tote ($180)


The Everlane Day Market Tote has been my primary work bag for the past year. 

If you have not heard of Everlane, they are a company based out of California that is focused on ethical factories and price transparency.

They reveal the cost breakdown for every step in the manufacturing process for each product. Who else does that?

They are also very well priced. The Everlane Day Market Tote is 100% Italian leather, made in Italy, and priced at $180. It is a fantastic price for the quality you get.

The design is a simple tote design, with one interior pocket.

If you plan on carrying a lot of small items you will need to use some sort of small accessory bags to stay organized with this bag.

I love the simplicity of the bag.

The Everlane Tote has no problem fitting work laptops of all sizes. It is a very clean, professional-looking bag. I am all about a clean look when it comes to my professional image. 

The handles are sturdy and long, so it easily is carried on the shoulder.

One thing I will mention is that it is best to hang this bag, if possible, to reduce wrinkling that occurs in the leather from having it sit on a surface. 

I would recommend this bag to anyone who commutes primarily by car. Since it has no zipper, it may not be the ideal option if you take public transportation.

I also would not recommend it for commuters who walk a significant distance, as I think a backpack is ideal for that situation.

This bag is great for any occasion: everyday work bag, job interview, important client meeting. I have even used it for travel and it was everything I needed out of my bag.

It’s versatility definitely makes it a top choice of mine for work bags for women.

2. Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet ($50)

Street Level

This is a great, more budget-friendly, alternative to the Everlane Day Market Tote. And it’s reversible!

The Street Level Tote Bag has a similar look to the Everlane Day Market Tote. It has a similar rectangular profile with long straps.

The leather is more pebbled-looking whereas the Everlane has smooth leather. It also has less of a structured look than the Everlane.

At 15 ½”W x 13″H x 5″D, this tote will comfortably fit your 13″ laptop and work essentials. It does not have an internal pocket, but it does come with a wristlet. The wristlet is a fantastic concept. 

You can keep your wallet, phone, lipstick in the wristlet. That way when you go off for lunch you don’t need to grab your whole bag, but just the wristlet! Perfect.

Similar to the Everlane, I would recommend this bag for someone who commutes by car as it does not have a zipper. 

In terms of occasion, I would recommend something with a cleaner and more structured look for a job interview or important client meeting.

I think this bag is fantastic as an everyday bag. 

3. Strathberry Tote ($860)


I love Strathberry but my wallet definitely does not!

The Strathberry Tote, like all their bags, is absolutely gorgeous. It is the epitome of a professional, fashionable, and functional work bag. 

Strathberry is a UK-based company that is best known for being loved by Meghan Markle.

The Strathberry Tote is their largest bag but has a similar design to their smaller totes (which I also highly recommend!).

It includes my favorite Strathberry design feature, the Strathberry bar closure. This closure is so incredibly elegant while adding important functionality for your work bag. 

The Strathberry Tote can fit a 13” laptop comfortably, while also reserving space for your other essentials. It has two interior pockets: one on a zipper and one open.

The outside is 100% calf leather and the inside is a microfibre lining. The microfibre lining can be harder to clean, so be careful with it.

Overall, the Strathberry Tote can work for absolutely any professional occasion and any commuter. It will turn heads and people will ask you about this bag.

It is truly elegant. 

The biggest downside is that the price tag is steep. It is an investment piece.

For that reason, I would recommend it for your more important professional occasions rather than as an everyday bag. 

4. MZ Wallace Large Metro Quilted Tote  ($235)

MZ Wallace

This bag is completely the opposite of the Strathberry. I am trying to give you guys every option for functionality and presentation!

The MZ Wallace Tote Bag comes in a variety of sizes, but I only really recommend the large size as I have a very specific view of this bag and its functionality.

I love the MZ Wallace Large Tote for its sheer size and that it can function as two bags. As your everyday work bag and gym bag in one. 

The MZ Wallace Large Tote can easily fit your laptop, work essentials, and your gym needs.

This is perfect if you go to the gym directly after or before work as you can keep your change of clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. all in one bag. 

I used to travel with THREE bags to work.

My lunch bag, my work bag, and my gym bag. It was so uncomfortable carrying those bags to and from the office, car, etc.

So the ability to use the MZ Wallace Large Tote to consolidate those is so incredibly fantastic. ESPECIALLY if you commute by public transit.

The MZ Wallace is a nylon bag with a zipper for the main compartment. It has a soft construction.

This bag certainly is not the most elegant professional look, but again this one is all about the functionality. It is easy to clean and folds up easily when you need to store it.

It has SIX internal compartment and THREE detachable pouches. That is huge! An incredible amount of options to organize all of your work, gym, and lunch items. 

I would only recommend this bag as an everyday work bag.

It would work great for a public transit or car commuter. I would not recommend this bag for important meetings or job interviews.

I would call it more casual-professional. It’s a bag I store under my desk rather than showcasing it.

5. Dagne Dover Signature Tote ($245)

Dagne Dover

The Dagne Dover Signature Tote is a very popular work bag for a reason.

The outside is a coated canvas material that is professional looking and easy to clean.

The Dagne Dover has a more structured look than the Everlane or Street Level. It can be comfortably placed on surfaces without fear of the bag sinking down.

The handles also have a structured look to them. The bag can be comfortably worn on the shoulder. 

The Dagne Dover can comfortably fit a 13” laptop (for which it has a separate compartment). The main compartment has a zipper, which is great for security.

It has a variety of internal compartments to help you organize your work essentials. It even has a neoprene bottle holder!

I appreciate the details in this bag such as the detachable key leash and foldable handles. The small design details also add some flair: such as the handle design.

It also comes in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. 

Overall, I think the Dagne Dover is a great bag for any professional occasion.

Whether as an everyday bag, for a job interview, or for an important client meeting. It would also work whether you commute by car or by public transit.

If you have a long walk or bike ride for your commute, I would consider my next two recommendations instead!

6. Tumi Varek Hudson Backpack ($595)


If you commute by walking or bike, you need a backpack as a work bag.

Thankfully, there are a lot of great backpacks that also look very professional and elegant. They are also fantastic for day trips.

 My favorite work backpack is the Tumi Varek Hudson.

Tumi is an incredibly popular brand for all professionals: men and women. That is because Tumi’s products are very high quality and stand the test of time.

A Tumi bag will last you years of daily use. 

The Tumi Varek Hudson is an elegant, professional take on a backpack.

The outside is leather, which is always a great choice for a work bag. The inside is easy-to-clean nylon.

Tumi shines in the usability and organization of their bags, and the Varek Hudson is no exception. Just look at this list of pockets the Varek Hudson has:

  1. 3 media pockets
  2. Velvet-lined zip jewelry pocket
  3. Zip pocket
  4. Card pocket
  5. Pen pocket

The Varek Hudson also has a key leash and their Tumi Tracer (an ID for each Tumi bag to help with the recovery of lost bags). 

Overall, the Varek Hudson has all of the functionality you need in a work backpack but it also is incredibly stylish.

I would not hesitate to bring this bag to any professional occasion, including job interviews and important client meetings. That is why it makes a great travel bag as well, as we often travel for important client meetings where we need a very functional bag but that presents well too. 

The Varek Hudson would make a great everyday bag for any professional regardless of your commuting method.

It is definitely an investment and it does not come cheap, just like any Tumi bag. But backpacks are becoming more and more popular for professionals and the Varek Hudson really shows us why.

7. Knomo Luggage Women’s Beauchamp Backpack ($111)


If the Varek Hudson is out of your price range, the Knomo Beauchamp is a great more budget-friendly option for a work backpack.

The Knomo Beauchamp is nylon construction which is easy to clean and upkeep. It has leather accents that take the design up a notch in terms of professionalism. 

It can fit up to a 14” laptop and has a variety of pockets and compartments to help with organization. 

I like that the Knomo Beauchamp is pretty slim for a backpack, which helps it retain its professional look. It is a relatively popular backpack in the professional setting given the reasonable price point.

The Knomo Beauchamp serves as an everyday work bag.

I would choose something more elegant and professional looking for important client meetings or job interviews. 

Like other backpacks, I would highly recommend this for commuters that are biking or walking to work. It would also work well for commuters using public transit. If you commute by car, I would go with a tote as I think they are more elegant.

But remember, functionality comes first. If a backpack suits your needs more then this is a great choice.

So those are my recommendations for great work bags for women!

Check out some of my other posts for work essentials, including what you need for your home office.

7 Best Work Bags for Women: The Best Work Bags for Women on Any Budget with Any Commute

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