25 Cool Office Gadgets for Your Work or Home Desk 

 September 1, 2020

By  Marie

Do you love having cool desk gadgets around where you work as much as I do? Whether it’s to satisfy my fidgeting desires or have something fun to look at when I am deep in thought, cool office gadgets brighten up my day. They are also a conversation starter in the office when someone swings by your desk.

So here are 25 cool office gadgets to spice up your work desk, whether in the office or at home.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. If you do use these links, thank you.

1. Ember Mug

Keeping your coffee or tea at your perfect temperature endlessly is pretty cool if you ask me.

The Ember Mug keeps the exact desired temperature (120 F to 145 F) for your beverage for up to 1.5 hours, or endlessly when docked on the coaster. 

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, this isn't just a cool office gadget but it is an office essential.

2. Pac-Man Mini Arcade

cool office gadgets arcade

Looking for an easy way to unwind during your 5 minute breaks?

Play a little Pac-Man!

This mini arcade is completely functional and the perfect distraction when you need to get your mind off work. 

But be careful, your co-workers will try to steal it any chance they get...

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3. Ferrofluid Display

cool office gadgets

I was a big fan of lava lamps when I was a kid.

The Ferrofluid Display is the 21st century version of a lava lamp.

It is an interactive sculpture that contains a liquid which is responsive to magnetic fields. 

Apparently, it was originally created by NASA as a prototype rocket fuel as it could be fed into rocket engines using magnets in zero gravity.

For you, it's a cool office gadget that you can bring a magnet towards and create mesmerizing displays. 

Check out exactly how mesmerizing it is in the video...

4. Deep Sea Sand Art

Similar to the Ferrofluid Display, the Deep Sea Sand Art makes for a mesmerizing and cool office gadget. 

Simply rotate it to see it create a new sand picture. The falling sand creates mountains, valleys and dune.

It is handcrafted in Austria making for a really unique gift.

Check out the different ways you can turn it for different pictures.

5. Dyson Desk Fan

If your desk area gets hot, a Dyson Desk Fan is a cool office gadget to add...pun intended.

Dyson is known for its powerful devices, and the desk fan is no different.

It creates a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow without fast-spinning blades. 

It has a sleep timer which can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals, as well as a remote control which is curved and magnetized so it can be stored neatly on the fan.

Its sleek and modern design will certainly make your desk the center of attention.

6. Fidget Spinner

I get restless when I sit on teleconferences. Even when I am intently paying attention, I need something in my hand to play with.

Usually it ends up being a pen that at one point flies across the room.

This fidget spinner is the perfect solution. 

It is incredibly unique, using a double pendulum and random motion (also known as chaos theory). The movements in turn follow different paths each time you spin.

It's stainless steel construction.

Just watching it spin is satisfying...check out the video.

7. Magnetic Balls Desk Toy

These little magnetic balls from Speks are super fun to smash and mash at your desk.

One package comes with 516 miniature magnets.

You can build, mold, sculpt and engineer lots of different shapes. But, that will take some focus.

You can also mindless smash and mash them around in your hand.

If you are getting these for your home office desk, make sure you don't have little children around as these are little balls that should not be swallowed or be...you know, inserted in your nose.

Take a look at the demo below.

8. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If your eyes ever get tired staring at a screen for a long time, blue light blocking glasses are the way to go.

First popularized by professional gamers, these are now creeping into every-day computer users.

The lenses on these glasses block 99% of blue rays, which helps prevent eye fatigue from staring at screens all day. 

9. Spinning Globe

This is a pricey gadget, but super cool. 

Remember those levitating globes that sit between two magnets?

This is the generation of those. Or maybe 5 generations ahead.

This spinning globe uses ambient light to rotate. So no cords or batteries.

The globe has a transparent outer shell that remains stationary while an internal shell spins using magnets for torque and solar cells to power the movement. 

It's a really beautiful piece and would make an excellent gift.

10. Knight Pen Holder

Who doesn't want to be provided their pen like this?

This little knight figurine holds your while bowing on one knee.

Besides getting your co-workers' attention, you also will always know where you pen is.

11. Under Desk Headset Mount and USB Charging Station

My charging cords would always be laying pulled up onto my desk from the back.

Occasionally, I found myself pulling them onto the floor with my foot. Then I would, no joke, crawl under my desk to pull them back up. 

Yup, at work. I would crawl under my desk.

This can't be just me, right?

This under the desk mount is perfect.

It provides USB charging ports within hands reach, as well as providing a place to store my over-the-ear headphones (my favorite are Bose, check them out in my home office essentials).

No more crawling under the desk to get my cords.

12. Magnetic Cable Organizer

A simpler solution to the same problem described above. 

These magnetic cable organizers are functional little gadgets to keep your charging cords organized and within hands reach at all time.

13. Cork Globe

If you love traveling, this is a great desk gadget to share all the places you have been.

This cork globe comes with 100 colored push pins that you can use to mark all of the places you have traveled, or would like to go.

It's a great conversation starter with your co-workers.

14. Floppy Disk Coaster

Looking to add some retro flair with cool office gadgets?

These floppy disk coasters will do the trick.

These coasters are made of silicone, so they are flexible and will stay put on surfaces. They also are dishwasher safe.

If you are an 80s kid like me, these have a certain nostalgic flair. The bright colors are also sure to grab some attention in the office.

15. Cassette Tape Dispenser

Sticking to the retro theme, you will also remember cassettes.

This cassette won't play music, but it will dispense your tape and hold your pens.

It's a nice storage solution as it can hold up to 30 pens as well as small stationary items (e.g. paper clips, push pens).

16. Miniature Cinder Blocks

I studied engineering in school, so this one speaks to me.

These mini cinder blocks will let you build all sorts of structures during your breaks or episodes of boredom.

They come with 24 blocks and a mini wooden pallet. They are at a 1/12 scale. 

17. Animal Sticky Notes

cute sticky notes as cool office gadgets

My co-workers leave me sticky notes when they come by my desk and I am not there. 

I also use them to document small reminders to myself.

So why not use come cute animal sticky notes?

They will make anyone smile when they stop by your desk.

18. MoMA Perpetual Calendar

perpetual calendar cool office gadgets

You don't really need a calendar these days when you can simply look in the corner of your monitor or your phone.

But they can be beautiful and cool office gadgets to include on your desk, like this MoMA Perpetual Calendar.

Simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month. 

Designed by Gideon Dagan, they can either be wall mounted or put on a desk.

19. Astronaut Phone Stand

I always misplace my phone somewhere, even on my desk. 

Having a designated place for it helps me make sure I always know where it is.

Why not have a fun designated place?

This little astronaut makes a cute addition to any desk. 

It can hold any smartphone, as well as tablets and Kindles. 

If you do all of that reading on your Kindle that I keep recommending, this is a great little piece to add to your desk for your kindle.

20. LED USB Clock Fan

The true definition of cool office gadgets are ones that are techy and grab the attention of someone coming to your desk.

A small spinning fan that lights up into a clock would fit that definition.

Don't worry, the fan is soft as it is made of PVC. It has a flexible neck to position the fan. 

And yes, the clock is a real-time display.

21. Bicycle Paper Clips

For all you cyclist enthusiasts, express yourself!

These little bicycle paper clips are a nice touch to your desk.

Even if you don't use paper clips, they are fun to display. 

22. Golf Pens with Golf Bag Pen Holder

cool office gadgets golf bag

Golfers love to talk about golf.

This little golf bag pen holder, and golf pens, makes it easy to do just that.

Use it as a conversation starter to build bonds with your co-workers.

23. Paper Airplane Push Pins

cute push pins cool office gadgets

If you have a push pin board by your desk, personalize it!

Use cute little push pins, like these paper airplane ones.

24. Running Ostrich Paper Clip Holder

This one will surely get a laugh out of people.

A running ostrich that will hold your paper clips for you

The package comes with 80 black paper clips. 

The red feet are a cute touch.

25. Desktop Punching Bag

You need this...you know who you are.

Get all of your frustration out at your desk with this miniature punching bag.

Beware, your co-workers will not be able to resist playing with this one.

The video is entertaining too...

So those are my recommendations for cool office gadgets!

What are your favorite gadgets? Let me know below!

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