21 Home Office Essentials for Maximum Productivity 

 July 23, 2020

By  Marie

If you work from home often, you know the importance of a workspace that is comfortable. Besides your computer and monitor, there are other home office essentials that will make sure you stay productive during the workday.

Home office essentials are not just items that you need, but also items that inspire. Having a space that you love showing up to each morning will only improve your performance.

So what are my top recommendations for home office essentials? Check them out!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. If you do use these links, thank you.

1. Great chair

Unless you are standing all day (which you should at least part of the time), a comfortable chair is an absolute home office essential.

Your home office chair should be functional first and stylish second. 

A comfortable chair is one that provides good lumbar support and adequate cushioning.

I like this Hbada Office Chair as it allows you to adjust the tilt of your chair. The color blocking looks modern and sleek, which doesn’t hurt either. 

home office essentials office chair

 2. Printer

Although much of work now is digital, it’s still difficult to escape paper completely. So a printer and scanner remain top home office essentials. 

I have been using HP printers for years, and they have served me well. This one, which I currently own, is wireless. Their app that syncs with the printer even makes it easy to print documents from my phone or tablet.  

3. Paper Shredder

If you have paper documents, you need a shredder. You should protect the confidentiality of your work at home just like you would in the office.

Do not drop sensitive information in a trash bin. Make sure it is shredded. 

Paper shredders are rather cheap. This one from Amazon is simple and works well. It can even shred credit cards, just in case you need to...

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4. Bluetooth Keyboard

Don’t use your laptop’s keyboard on a regular basis. A separate keyboard is an absolute home office essential.

A Bluetooth keyboard is great in that you can reposition and move it as you see fit.

I have been a Logitech fan since I was a teenager, and my love for them has continued well into my adult years. I am very excited that they are now really focusing on aesthetics in addition to their flawless functionality. 

Their Pebble line is just beautiful and has the easy user experience of any of their other products. This keyboard will add a nice touch to any work desk. 

5. ...and Mouse

And of course you need the matching mouse!

I hate trackpads and those small travel mice. A mouse has to sit nicely in your hand and glide smoothly. The Pebble mouse is just that. And you know, it matches the keyboard!

6. Wireless Headphones

Anyone spend a good portion of their work day in meetings? Anyone?

My ears hurt with ear buds after an hour or two, so over-the-ear headphones for my teleconferences are an absolute home office essential. 

I have always loved Bose. Their over-the-ear headphones have really stepped up in the looks department. They are certainly an investment, but I use them every day. I also love them for travel.

The noise cancelling on Bose headphones is top notch. They also connect via Bluetooth to multiple devices at the same time. They can detect which device is outputting sound and automatically send that sound through the headphones. Additionally, the charge on these lasts a LONG time....like 10+ hours.

7. Lumbar Pillow

If you need extra support for your lower back, a lumbar pillow is an absolute essential for your home office. 

If you have a chair that already has significant lumbar support, this may be an item you can skip. But if you have a particularly large arch in your lower back (me) or if your chair just doesn’t provide the support you need, this is an easy purchase without having to buy an entirely new chair. 

I like this pillow because it attaches to the chair. This way you do not need to be constantly readjusting it everytime you get lean away or get out of your chair. It also comes in a variety of colors to match your home office. 

8. Time Cube

I love time cubes because they seriously help with productivity. I am a big proponent of calendar blocking my day. This allows me to manage my time and what I spend it on. Time is money. 

If you’d like to learn more about calendar blocking and how to implement this technique, I highly suggest you watch this video from Amy Landino. I learned my calendar blocking technique from her. It has really improved my productivity.

Now that you know all about calendar blocking and why time cubes are so great, check this one out. I love the rotating feature and cute color.

9. Kindle or Audible

You know I am a big proponent of reading. I highly recommend that during your down time throughout the day, you spend it on reading.

Remember calendar blocking?

During my blocked breaks, I like to turn on my audiobook while I grab a snack or take a quick walk. If you are a physical-book person, spend your breaks with a Kindle

Using at least a portion of your breaks will allow your mind to rest from your work but continue to be engaged.  So, you NEED to either get audible or a Kindle. It is not just a home office essential, it’s a life essential.

10. Click and Grow Garden

Some home office essentials are items that should just make you feel better.

It’s amazing how something green in your space can have such a dramatic effect on your overall mood. Luckily, these days it's so easy to keep plants alive.

Click and Grow gardens are great because not only does it require zero effort to keep a plant alive, but you also get something edible in the end! This little garden on your desk will make you smile every time you look at it. That will instantly brighten up your day.

11. Nespresso

Oh coffee, what would I do without you?

My Nespresso and I have a deep relationship.

Nespresso has a great variety of high-quality coffees. They are also constantly releasing limited edition ones on their site. I am a big fan of theirs because you can also grab a recycling bag for free with any order (on the Nespresso site). 

You just drop your used cups in the recycling bag when the machine is full. Once the bag is full, just drop it off at UPS. Easy. It is much less wasteful than throwing away all of those plastic cups.

12. Ember Mug

Staying on my coffee theme, the Ember Mug is great. It keeps your coffee warm for a seriously long time. The Ember Mug is also great for tea drinkers, like my husband. It is very sleek looking. 

With the Ember Mug, you can control the temperature of your coffee from your phone. Oh, the age we are living in.

It has a sensor so it knows when to turn off and turn on based on if there is liquid inside. Also, this new version includes the charging coaster. So you no longer have to worry about the battery dying. Really cool.

13. Water Bottle

You better be staying hydrated during the day! 

It is easy to forget to drink water if you’re busy. I like to fill up a water bottle like this Elvira one in the morning. That way I can keep an eye on my water intake, and catch up when I see that I haven’t been drinking enough.

14. Desk Lamp

For dreary or winter days, a desk lamp is a great addition to your home office. 

This TaoTronics lamp is full of useful features. It has plenty of lighting and brightness settings as well as many adjustable angles. The head tilts up 135 degrees and swivels 90 degrees; the base tilts down to 150 degrees & swivels 45 degrees.

It also includes a USB charging port, which is always great as I am constantly running out of USB ports in my computer. 

15. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you enjoy scents, an essential oil diffuser is a great addition to your home office. 

I really like this one from Everlasting Comfort. It has a really interesting shape which kind of reminds me of a genie bottle.

It comes in two shades, a lighter-wood and a darker-wood color. Features include 7 LED light options, 4 timer options, and variable mist options. It also comes with a cleaning kit, which is handy since diffusers do tend to get gunky. Make sure to clean yours regularly. 


16. Desk Organizer

A cluttered space is not good for productivity. So I highly recommend you use items that will help keep your workspace organized and clean. 

A simple desk organizer is a definite home office essential to keep all of the small items on your desk neatly organized.

The desk organizer you choose will be dependent on what you actually keep on your desk. I like this simple rose gold one for it’s various sized compartment and because, well, I am a sucker for rose gold. 

18. Wireless Speaker

If you have a pair of over-the-ear headphones, you may not need a wireless speaker. But, it is nice to have one around to play music without having to wear headphones.

I always listen to music when I am doing work that requires significant focus.

Sonos definitely makes the best wireless speakers on the market. The sound quality is fantastic and cannot be beaten. This one also has Alexa built-in.

18. Posture Corrector

If you have bad posture, working remotely will only make it worse. I notice that I am always more prone to hunching over and sitting in not-so-ladylike positions when I am working from home. 

A posture corrector is great to, well, work on your posture. You certainly don’t need to wear it all day. In fact, you shouldn’t wear it for more than 2-3 hours a day. It will provide you practice and muscle memory for how to retain good posture.

Good posture is very important not just for your health, but it also projects strong body language and confidence. 

19. Desk Pad

I don’t like mouse pads because they are small and just not great looking. I prefer desk pads instead. 

They provide a large surface for me to keep my keyboard and mouse on without worrying that they will damage the surface of my table.

Desk pads also provide a large area for me to work with my mouse without having to readjust it constantly on a small mousepad.

I like this desk pad from EMINTA, particularly because it is waterproof. That way when (not if) I spill my coffee, my desk pad won’t absorb it all and be ruined. 

20. Fan

If your home office is prone to getting stuffy, air circulation will make a big difference. 

Dyson fans are not only incredibly functional, but they are incredibly beautiful.

The best thing about Dyson fans is they are quiet. A fan that makes a ton of noise is distracting and annoying. That is the worst thing you could put into a home office. 

With Dyson, you can improve air circulation without the distracting noise of other fans. The remote control makes it easy to set timers. They are also very easy to clean. The design doesn’t have crevices where dust will settle and live forever.


21. Blanket

I live under blankets...seriously. I actually sit under a blanket at my desk all the time, particularly in the winter.

So a blanket is an absolute home office essential for me. 

There is nothing softer than the Barefoot Dreams blanket. It is a literal cloud. So, definitely sit under a blanket because it will make you cozy and comfy. And definitely sit under THIS blanket because it will make you feel like you’re in heaven. And with a mug of coffee...the best.

So those are my recommendations for your home office essentials. Do you have more recommendations? Let me know below!

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21 Home Office Essentials for Maximum Productivity

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