How to Manifest Money: 9 Strategies for Success 

 October 20, 2020

By  Marie

Have you ever looked at your bank accounts and thought “I am just not good with money” or “I will never make good money”.

Then you need to change your mindset. You need to learn how to manifest money.

Don’t run yet. 

This is not about just visualizing making money.

It isn’t some post about how to close your eyes and make money appear from thin air.

Your mindset is the driving force behind what you achieve in life. And it is no different when it comes to making and managing money.

So if you learn how to manifest money, you will put yourself in the mindset you need to finally tackle the lack of self confidence and feelings of unworthiness when it comes to making money.

Are you ready to finally feel in control of your financial future?

Let's do it.

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What does it mean to manifest money?

how to manifest money definition

Manifesting anything is simply putting yourself into a positive mindset that will allow you to achieve a goal. 

I’ve talked about the importance of short term and long term goals before and the importance of consistently working towards achieving them. 

But something that is often overlooked is your mindset when you are trying to achieve something, especially making money.

Too often in today’s society you hear things such as 

Rich people are terrible human beings.

Wanting to make money is selfish.

Rich people are materialistic.

And on and on and on.

I couldn’t list all of the negative connotations we are constantly bombarded with regarding wanting to make money.

These negative affirmations settle into your subconscious and actively prevent you from making money.

You hesitate to ask for that raise. Or you decide not to start that business. Maybe you avoid taking that career transition leap. You don’t negotiate a job offer.

These are all the result of not actively working to manifest money.

In order to achieve much of the career success I write about, you need to have a desire to manifest money.

So, put yourself in the right mindset.

Because at the end of the day the primary reason most of us work is to support ourselves and our family, regardless of how much we (hopefully) love our job. And I love my job a lot.

Why does your mindset matter?

girl thinking about how to manifest money

Have you ever heard about the placebo effect in clinical trials?

I work in medical research, so not only am I familiar with it but I have seen it in action and in the data.

You run a study on two groups. One group gets the treatment and the other is only led to BELIEVE they received the treatment.

For example, they are given a pill they believe is a drug but really is not a drug at all. Or they are put under anesthesia to believe they received a procedure that they did not.

And then we study how the treatment group (the individuals that actually got treatment) does compared against the placebo group (the individuals that were led to believe they received treatment).

Do you know what happens in pretty much every trial?

The placebo group improves.

It’s a very well known phenomenon. So much so that improvement in the placebo group is PLANNED for when designing the trial (e.g. determining sample size). 

Why does this occur?

Because the mind is very powerful

The belief of receiving treatment has been shown to decrease perception of pain, migraines, and other neural related conditions.

So if just the belief that you’ve received treatment can improve a medical condition you have to ask yourself, what does believing that you can make money do for your life?

A lot.

The right mindset is absolutely crucial.

Manifesting money isn’t about making it appear out of thin air.

It is about getting your conscious and subconscious mind in alignment with your goals.

Unless your mindset is truly aligned with what you are trying to achieve, it’s unlikely to happen.

The Law of Attraction is often talked about.

The Law of Attraction was developed by Jack Canfield (co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, a childhood favorite of mine) and he has written about it in multiple books. Such as the “Key to Living the Law of Attraction”.

It’s worth a read, for sure.

It applies a very similar principle: you will attract in life what you focus on.

So, whatever your mind is set on is what will occur.

Therefore, when it comes to manifesting and making money, getting your mindset in the right place is most important.

You have to be a glass full person.

How to manifest money?

So how do you actually manifest money?

How do you change your mindset to align with your goals?

Below are very effective strategies that if implemented consistently will yield the results you are looking for.

1. Set Specific Money Goals

dart board showing goals on how to manifest money

With everything in life, you need to be clear and specific with what you are trying to accomplish.

It is no different with money.

You have to put out into the universe exactly what you are striving to achieve. This is the first step to manifesting money.

In order to set specific money goals, reflect on how much money you desire to have.

Don’t set lazy goals.

“I want to make as much money as I can” is not a good goal. 

Neither is “I want to be as rich as Jeff Bezos”.

Your goals should be tailored to what you are trying to accomplish with the money in your life.

Your goal should include

  • How much money you are trying to manifest
  • What you need the money for
  • The time frame in which you are trying to accomplish this

I recommend having 3 goals related to manifesting money. A short term goal (1-12 months), a mid-term goal (1-3 years) and a long term goal (3+ years).

A short term goal might be to implement a budget and save an extra $100 a month to pay off credit card debt.

Or perhaps switch jobs and make 30% more money in your new job.

Be realistic but also make sure your goals are a reach. It should feel like a challenge.

Don’t limit your goals based on what you think YOU can achieve, especially if you have had a limited mind set relating to money in the past.

Write them based on what YOU need.

2. Reflect Upon and Tackle Your Perceived Limitations about Making Money

chain link fence representing obstacles in manifesting money

It’s actually rather crazy how socially unacceptable it has become to be rich. And how elusive it is.

Think of all the limitations you put on yourself about making money.

I won’t ever earn a lot of money.

Six figures is unattainable.

You have to have XYZ to make a lot of money, and I don’t have that.

My parents were not rich, so I can’t make a lot of money.

I am making above average. So I should be happy with that.

Rich people are terrible and I don’t want to be like that.

Rich people are just greedy.

You get the idea. I am sure you have perceptions and statements that you have made that are similar to these.

This is the mindset that is holding you back.

It is sabotaging you.

Self-sabotage is the largest reason people are unable to manifest money.

You must be honest with yourself what is ingrained in your mindset that is limiting you.

They are not true. They are just statements that are used to make yourself feel better in the moment about your financial situation.

Instead, start challenging them.

Why should making an average wage be enough if you want or need more?

How can you judge rich people with a broad brush?

Why are you limiting your mindset on what you can achieve rather than going after what you want?

What fear is holding you back?

It’s time to confront this mindset and recognize that it is holding you back.

Challenge it. Tackle it. Change it.

3. Recognize Your Worth and Value

girl with self confidence will be successful in manifesting money

This is another set of limitations people place upon themselves when it comes to manifesting money.

The feeling of unworthiness

This feeling can manifest itself in many different variations.

I don’t have a masters degree so I’m not qualified for that high paying job.

I haven’t done my time to deserve the promotion.

I can’t start that side hustle because I haven’t done anything like it before.

I’m just not good with money.

These are insecurities that are feeding a scarcity mindset.

In order to manifest money, you must have an ingrained belief in your abilities.

It starts with developing self confidence. Tackling your insecurities.

You must then master the belief that you HAVE the ability to make money.

You have the mindset. You have a goal. You will manifest it.

Your value and ability to make money is not defined by your current financial situation.

It is not defined by your current salary. 

Or your current debt.

It is only defined by your belief in yourself and the work you put into your goals.

You deserve everything you want out of life.

Once you recognize that, and truly believe it, you will find that manifesting money is completely within your power.

4. Recognize Money’s Value

money provides freedom represented by travel

People recognize that they need a certain amount of money to survive, but anything beyond that society deems as “greedy”.

Money is the root of all evil.


Money provides you the freedom and ability to experience life how you desire.

Without limitations.

Money can provide you more time with your children, the ability to travel to more places, or to take care of your family.

Money’s value is not in the things it can buy, but the freedom it provides.

Recognize this and change your perception of what being rich means.

Being rich is about living the life you want on your terms.

And that is a good thing. It’s a thing to strive for.

5. Respect the Money You Have (and Don’t Have)

a briefcase of money representing how to manifest money

In order to manifest money, you must have a healthy respect for it.

When you respect an individual, you treat them in a certain manner.

You don’t take them for granted. You don’t deplete their resources. 

The same goes for money.

Having respect for money means respecting the money you have.

Don’t frivolously spend money like you already have the amount you are trying to manifest.

Create a budget. Stick to it. 

Only account for the money you have now, not the money you will have in the future.

Don’t recoil away from people that have more money than you.

Instead, surround yourself with those people. 

Absorb their energy, work ethic, passion. Learn from them.

Surrounding yourself with individuals that have what you are trying to manifest will only progress you faster to your goals.

6. Use Money Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful, if used correctly. 

Reciting money affirmations will help you tackle your perceived limitations about money as well as help you recognize your value.

When you repeat affirmations, visualize the statement.

I will live without worrying about debt, because I will not have any.

Imagine that life. Let that feeling grow and encompass your mind.

Allowing yourself to feel that state, rather than just say it in words, will create the mindset you need.

It will create the energy and fervor to manifest money.

It’ll light that fire.

Affirmations are best repeated in front of a mirror. 

Exude confident and positive body language as you repeat them. Even if you are not feeling so when you start.

Creating the belief through feeling, visualization, and body language will allow you to change your mindset.

7. Use a Vision Board

This is another great tool to help you visualize your goals in order to manifest them.

Create a vision board of all of the experiences and items you desire from the money you are trying to manifest.

I think real, physical vision boards are best.

Something in your office or personal space that serves as a constant reminder of what you are striving for.

Add to your vision boards as your goals grow. 

Reflect on it and use it as another way to put positive energy out into the world.

8. Journal

You should journal daily about

  • Your gratitude for the experiences and money you have
  • The limitations you still feel about manifesting money
  • What you are doing to progress towards your short-, mid-, and long-term goals
  • Successes and failures you have had, and what you can learn from them
  • Money affirmations

Keeping a journal is a great method to not only keep progress of your goals, but to further work on your mindset.

Writing something down has a certain power to it.

It makes it more “official”.

It’s in writing.

This is another powerful way to allow yourself to reflect upon areas of your mind that continue to need work.

9. Do the Work

Manifestation is not about having something happen out of thin air.

It’s important to understand that in order to manifest money, you will still have to do the work.

I know that "do the work" is not that exciting of a strategy. But it is crucial.

But having the right mindset, by following the tips above, is what will make your work yield results.

Without the proper mindset and energy, you will not manifest money.

But with the proper mindset behind you, the work you put in towards your goals will manifest into success.

So if you are trying to manifest more money with a side gig, get after it!

If you are looking to switch jobs to manifest more money, start searching!

When you do the work with your new mindset, success will come.

I really enjoyed this video because...the Law of GOYA. Watch to learn what it is.

So those are my strategies on how to manifest money.

Have you figured out how to manifest money?

Tell me about it below!

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